Chatsworth’s 125th Birthday Celebration, continued

An old foundation. I’m guessing from the early part of the 20th century, however, we were told it does not date back quite to the stagecoach days. But close enoughImageImage

This is likely where the stagecoach road continued. Past this point, it crossed over Santa Susana Pass Road, and down into Simi Valley. These homes are filled with angry homeowners who don’t like people hiking ear their property, despite the fact they bought homes adjacent to a  STATE PARK!!!!!


This is possibly where a horse corral used to be located. Fresh horses were kept here, so the tired horses that pulled the stagecoach could be traded for and given a rest.


Over the rise, there is a pond that was once used to water the horses.


Train tracks. Still in use, they were built in 1904. Amtrack, Metrolink, and freight use this line. Runs pretty much all the way up the coast.


The homes along Lilac Lane (original path the stagecoaches took, on their way to San Francisoc from Los Angeles). Homeowners watch us, I assume to see if they can catch us doing anything wrong….


Powerhouse Road. It’s hard to discern, but the water tower the train once ran to is in the middle, to the left.


A view of a concrete ceiling. This is modern day Chatsworth.


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