No creatures were stirring….BECAUSE EVERYTHING WAS CLOSED!!!

It’s Christmas Eve, and not even a mouse can get some cheese tonight. Because every damn store and business feels obligated to close down.

This despite the proliferation of highly sensitive individuals and groups who feel deeply offended by the very mention of Christmas. Despite the fact that Americans are fleeing religion en masse, and membership of non-Christian religions is growing thanks in part to the large number of immigrants. Thus, we have a large population of people in this country who either do not celebrate Christmas, or else do celebrate, but do not think it a sacred enough day to shut down entire cities.

Then there is the economy. So many people in the US are out of work, or under worked. Even most Christians today would be happy to work on Christmas Eve and Day in order to get much needed funds. Others prefer to work as they have nothing else to do today.

So why do most businesses still close early, or do not open at all, or even remain closed for days or even weeks?

If they cannot find the staff to work these days, then that’s a different story, of course. But it would benefit society in so many ways to keep these places open.


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