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Who did they think they were?
April 16, 2011

Unfortunately for us, with progress usually comes regress.  For every step forward, we take one or two more back.  Major problems facing our society today include the sad fact that nothing is sacred, one must always take the easy way out, and everything – and everyone – is replaceable. We throw good stuff away. By good stuff, I not only mean objects, but animals and people as well.  Yes, we throw away people too. I’m not talking about literally, although we do have plenty of examples of that with all the murder victims found in dumpsters, and babies thrown out. But we also throw out people every time we give up on someone or stop associating with someone, merely because the individual is no longer pleasing us; perhaps they said something we don’t like, isn’t living up to expectations, or did something to anger us. So we toss them out. And replace them with someone else.

Animals have it even worse. They are literally thrown out. Sometimes merely because they are no longer new and “cool”.  Other time they made the fatal sin of making a mistake. They peed on the carpet, barked, dug, scratched, bit, chewed. Sometimes they aren’t compatible with new people, pets, or even furniture. Yes, animals get thrown out for not matching the furniture. Or they take too much time. Or a fad goes away. Or “we can’t take him with us.” Or they grew too big, aren’t aggressive enough, are too aggressive, too energetic, shed too much, no longer useful for fighting or breeding, or…or…or…So they get dumped at a pound, where the stench of urine and death linger in their sensitive noses 24/7. Odds are, they will not get adopted. Next they get dragged off and killed like parasites, stored in a freezer, dumped into a trash bag, and thrown out or sent off for rendering.

What gave them the right to abandon their responsibility as a pet caretaker? Why is it acceptable to dump and kill a fairly highly evolved life form such as a dog, cat, horse, or rabbit? It can’t speak your language, so it must not think or feel, and even if it did, its thoughts and feelings are not as important as yours, and thus, it is ok when they die or suffer. It is not like you are, thus its pain is ok. It is lesser than you. Nothing else matters except you and your selfish whims. Some people in dire circumstances really don’t have a choice. But we aren’t talking about those people. We’re talking about those with ordinary difficulties, who should be able to find acceptable solutions.

But solving problems is not EASY! And we want things EASY! It isn’t EASY to cure an animal of bad habits, convince household members to co-exist with said animal, or keep up with the needs of an animal. And it’s so EASY to just dump them in a death chamber somewhere. who cares, right? Out of sight, out of mind! problem solved, just like that! After all, we’ll get another pet someday….